Fightings: The Card Game – Kickstarter Mini Review

I recently played a prototype of Fightlings, a fast-paced 2-player card game that combines memory matching with CCG-style combat. You wouldn’t think that these elements work together but it’s surprisingly a lot of fun! Matching creatures that belong to your faction will move them into your creature zone, which can then allow you to attack your opponent. If instead you match and move creatures to your opponent’s zone you’ll receive victory points, thus opening another path to winning the game.

The artwork is also quite attractive and imaginative, making this an overall wonderful gaming experience to play. If any of this looks or sounds interesting to you, check out Fightings on Kickstarter here and back their project, but hurry, because the campaign ends in 2 days!!

Written by: Ryan Chan

My passion for board games started in 2014 when I first visited a board game cafe and walked out with Castle Panic that same day. Since then, my love for tabletop gaming hasn't stopped and my collection continues to grow. When I'm not playing board games you can find me scaling the walls of a climbing gym or walking around with my camera in hand.

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