Fallout Board Game Announced

“The Great War of 2077 is so long past there is no place in your memory for its events, but the barren landscape before you has its own story to tell. Immaculate homes which once housed seemingly perfect families and busied Mr. Handys have been transformed into empty shells. Humans

Time Barons Announced

“WizKids is thrilled to announce the upcoming card game, Time Barons, designed by Jon Perry and Derek Yu. In Time Barons, 2-4 players take on the roles as the time barons, shadowy figures who have shaped mankind’s destiny since the dawn of time. The world’s entire population are simply pawns

Secrets of the Lost Station on Kickstarter

“Secrets of the Lost Station is a cooperative story game of sci-fi, action-adventure, and exploration. It is a highly detailed and unique sequel to Secrets of the Lost Tomb, one thousand of years into the future! With a new story and a thematic universe, extending the lore of the Secrets

Off the Rails on Kickstarter

“Off the Rails is a strategic, competitive, tile placement, roller-coaster of a board game for 2-4 players recommended for ages 12+. Players control a team of gem-hungry Goblins racing uncontrollable mine carts underground to retrieve the most jewels before the earth collapses into the deadly chasm below! Easy to pick

Nexus: Scrapyard on Kickstarter

“Nexus: Scrapyard is a game of unique hidden programming and hand management. Utilizing a simple action selection mechanic you will try to navigate the mind games of your fellow players to purchase the highest scoring CivShips without being sabotaged! Take to the skies as entrepreneurs looking for affordable CivShips to

Who Should We Eat Announced

“Avoid Becoming a Tasty Treat and Escape an Uncharted Island in WizKids’ Upcoming Release, Who Should We Eat? – Coming Soon! WizKids is excited to announce the upcoming release, Who Should We Eat?, designed by Mike Harrison-Wood and Chris MacLennan. Who Should We Eat? is a lighthearted social game about

Runewars Heavy Crossbowman Preview

“Despite the many differences across the various companies of the Daqan military, the heavy crossbowmen are unified in battlefield doctrine: to support and protect their allies in combat. Whether motivated by duty or coin, heavy crossbowmen are integral to defending the Land of Steel from the forces of darkness at

Enchanters on Kickstarter

“Enchanters is a fantasy card drafting game. Players take turns to go on quests to take cards from the Journey track. Each one collects Items on one stack and Enchantments on the other to craft a magical artifact. Part of every card taken stays with them until the end of

New Mansions of Madness Scenario Available

“The once quiet town of Arkham is tormented by supernatural horrors. Strange occurrences continue to plague the community as investigators struggle to end these terrifying atrocities. The call of the unknown beckons the curious, the brave, and the foolish, welcoming them to enter a new, albeit eerie, reality. Here, they

Windup War Available Now

“WINDUP WAR, the cute combat card game by game designers Katie Khau and Jess Chu, is hitting retail stores worldwide this month. Windup War is an action pre-programming combat card for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, that plays in under 30 minutes. Players will select one of of six

Estrella Drive Scenario Announced

“Come in, agents. We’re glad you were able to attend. We’re still running the necessary diagnostics and analyzing the nature of the temporal anomaly, but we believe we now have enough information to give a preliminary briefing of what we project to be your next mission. We’ve codenamed it Estrella


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