Bushido Breaker Card Game on Kickstarter

“It is the Sengoku period, an era of great unrest within the gravely compromised empire of feudal Japan. Your emperor is nothing but a figurehead while the shogun holds the true power. There are many men who desire to hold the title of shogun and then there is You… Bushido

A Song of Ice and Fire Launch Date Announced

“The call to war has been sounded, and on July 25 at 3:00pm EST, A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game (ASOIF:TMG) from CMON and Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc, launches on Kickstarter. Based on the hit novels by George R.R. Martin, ASOIF:TMG will let fans experience their favorite

Visions Card Game Coming to Kickstarter

“The Yates family is desperate because of an old curse which lies heavily upon them. Only the best visionary will be able to find the roots of the curse and helps the family by breaking the curse. To do so you need to collect time cards, connect your mental power

Firelight on Kickstarter Now

“Firelight is a new card-based role-playing game for 2-4 players that takes place in a colorful and action-packed fantasy world! Whether you’re a longtime role-player or just curious about fantasy RPGs, Firelight provides you the tools to tell complete, 5-act stories with only 5 minutes of setup time. Each session

Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook Announced

“The chaos of the Clone Wars has left its devastation in countless systems. Worlds have been ravaged and brought to the brink of collapse. Citizens of thousands of worlds suffer from the turmoil of a conflict they never wanted, and the exhaustion that comes with a galaxy’s struggle for mere

Trading Posts of Cities of Splendor Preview

“The southern sea winds have proven to be strong allies for the gem trading guilds of Europe. Opening new trade routes for gems and precious stones across India, the guilds’ reach now extends far wider than ever before. Yet with this newly gained influence comes the need to adapt. Along

Gods of TYN HARRA on Kickstarter

“Gods of TYN HARRA is a game of skill designed to take luck out of the equation by drafting your entire 25 card deck then placing your Vorpal Shard in the place that will benefit you the most.. Each player begins with the same base amount of Mystic Shards to

Cards Against Humanity “For Her”

“Everyone hates it when the men retire to the parlor to discuss the economy and the various issues of the day. What are us ladies supposed to do? Now there’s an answer. Cards Against Humanity for Her. It’s exactly the same as the original Cards Against Humanity game, but the

Under the Big Top Now Available

“For days, the town has been abuzz with anticipation. Excited by the sounds of strange animals and the occasional fleeting glimpse of performers practicing their amazing stunts, a crowd has gathered to watch as the big red tent goes up in the town square. In Under the Big Top, players

Rise of the Empire Expansion Preview

“Inspired heavily by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Rise of the Empire expansion for Star Wars™: Rebellion adds a whole new chapter to the game’s dramatic take on the Galactic Civil War. With new leaders, units, and missions, Rise of the Empire thrusts us deep into a dark

Stone Daze on Kickstarter

“STONE DAZE is a family game of tactics, cooporation, raw guts and a little luck. Our intent was to create a game with easy rules but with tactical depth that would be a fulfilling gaming experience for many years to come. With STONE DAZE we achieved this and we are

Nanofictionary Announced

“Where are we? Who is there? What’s going on? And how is it all going to end? These are the crucial questions each player answers, choosing from the cards they’re dealt to tell a very short story. Players combine Settings, Characters, Problems, and Resolutions to create a story they then


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