Star Lord is Coming to HeroClix

“Star-Lord is an indomitable 90-point piece that comes in with six clicks of life, as well as a range of six squares with two targets. He also carries Improved Targeting – Ignores Hindering Terrain. He can be played on Guardians of the Galaxy, Ravagers, Spartoi, and Cosmic themed teams. He’s

Runewars – Reanimate Archers Coming Soon

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the new Runewars Reanimate Archers unit expansion coming the second quarter of 2017. “Even the bravest warriors serving the Daqan Lords know to flee for cover when they hear the hiss of the Reanimate Archer’s blighted arrows. Those unlucky enough to be caught in the

Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Yellow Heroes

Fantasy Flight Games has released the Star Wars Destiny preview for the Spirit of Rebellion yellow heroes. “The Spirit of Rebellion burns brightest in the darker parts of the galaxy, in those seedy cantinas and back alleys populated by scoundrels and ruffians who call the shadows their home. While many

Queen-Themed Monopoly Board Game Coming In May

Adding yet another title to the long list in the Monopoly series, the Queen-themed version hits shelves this May! “Brian May has confirmed that QUEEN will release its own version in May. The new board game will take fans through pivotal moments in the band’s history. “We’ve been very secretly

New Tanks North Africa Expansions Coming Soon

Tanks North Africa is coming with six new expansions this May/June! “Across the sands of North Africa the Afrika Korps and 8th Army battle it out. German Panzers go head to head with British Grants, whilst the faster Honey and Crusader tanks rush the flanks. Prepare for the next wave

Three Classic Monopoly Pieces Have Been Replaced

Monopoly has announced that the wheelbarrow, thimble and boot have been dumped in favour of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a penguin and a rubber duck! “The board game Monopoly has been given a shake-up after three pieces were replaced. The wheelbarrow, thimble and boot have been dumped in favour of a

Expansion for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Coming Soon

The Monster Box of Monsters expansion is coming “soon” from USAopoly! “The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion for HARRY POTTER™: HOGWARTS™ BATTLE deck-building game adds over 150 new cards to your game. You’ll face new adversaries in the form of magical Creatures, each to be handled with care. Undertake new

Shattered Dawn Fantasy RPG on Kickstarter

“Shattered Dawn is a story driven game, where players may create and play their characters in an expansive fantasy world. Shattered Dawn is not like other games, the rules and gameplay have been carefully crafted to be simple, fast-paced and allow for new players, and veteran players, alike to fully

Defense of the Citadel on Kickstarter

“The Defense of the Citadel is a cooperative hero defense board game for 1 to 4 players. It is set in a high fantasy world where you as the hero need to defend the holy citadel against waves of enemy invasion.” Check out the full details on the KS page

Flip Ships Announced by Renegade Game Studios

Flip ships will be coming this summer! “Flip Ships is a cooperative dexterity game where players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an onslaught of firepower. Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies, and to take down the powerful mother ship before it’s

Crossfire Announced by Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games has announced that Crossfire will be coming this summer! “In Crossfire, players will use deduction, negotiation, and the limited information at their disposal to determine who the VIP is. The agents have been tasked with defending the VIP from hostile attacks, while the Assassins try to ensure


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