Blue Orange Games To Release Photosynthesis At Gen Con 50

“Blue Orange Games, leading designer and manufacturer of tabletop games, has announced it will be adding eco-themed Photosynthesis to its catalog. The game joins other family strategy board games in the company’s catalog, like award-winning New York 1901.

Photosynthesis has already garnered a lot of attention for its theme, as it provides a “breath of fresh air” to a market where fantasy and war are the most common inspirations for games. It is aptly named, as the setting is a forest, the game pieces are trees, and the currency the game operates on is sunlight. Blue Orange plans to launch the game on August 17th at the largest North American tabletop gaming convention, Gen Con.

“As a company that strives to make eco-friendly games, we are very excited to bring an eco-themed game to the US market,” says Martin Marechal, Blue Orange Games’ VP of Sales and Marketing. Marechal continues with, “The unique theme, high-quality components, and stunning illustrations are all qualities that make this one we are proud to add to our catalog. Couple these with the positive responses from early game testers and it isn’t hard to see why we cannot wait for everyone to experience this game.”

Photosynthesis is a 2 to 4 player game geared towards ages 8 and up. The game play mimics the life cycle of trees, with two phases occurring each round. In the first, the Photosynthesis phase, players’ trees generate light points depending on their location, and the location of casted shadows, as the revolving sun hits the board. The second phase, the Life Cycle phase, is where players can use the lights points they have earned as currency to buy, plant, grow, and harvest seeds and trees. As players end the life cycle of their trees they collect points correlating to the value of the soil, or space, that the trees were rooted in.

Blue Orange will be selling copies of Photosynthesis at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 17th-20th, at booth #1811. The game is being rushed to production so that it will arrive just in time for the show. Post-show it will be available in-stores and online.”

View the full announcement from Blue Orange Games here!

Written by: Devetos

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