Preview The Path to Carcosa for AH: Card Game

“How do you weave a tale of cosmic horror from a collection of printed cards?

This question lives very near the heart of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. It pervades the strange events you investigate within the game. It lives, also, near the corrupted soul of The Path to Carcosa. And it is answered in many ways.

The Spells Your Cards May Weave

Arkham Horror: The Card Game draws you into a world of cosmic horror by—first of all—forging memorable tales. The narrative prologues to your adventures set the stage for your emotional experience with a scenario as well as how you approach gameplay. These stories invest the adventure’s events with a certain weight, and they lead into the text you encounter on the top cards of the agenda and act decks.

These decks further deepen the game’s exploration of madness and horror by pressuring you throughout your investigations. Each tick of the clock finds another doom placed upon the agenda deck, slowly ticking toward its next terrifying reveal. Against this timer, you race to advance the act deck, by meeting its requirements—even though you can never be quite certain its advancement will be wholly for the good. Pulling back one layer of a mystery, after all, may only find you thrust into battle with the malign forces that had sought to conceal their activities.”

View the full preview for Path to Carcosa from Fantasy Flight Games here!

Written by: Devetos

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