Runewars Heavy Crossbowman Preview

“Despite the many differences across the various companies of the Daqan military, the heavy crossbowmen are unified in battlefield doctrine: to support and protect their allies in combat. Whether motivated by duty or coin, heavy crossbowmen are integral to defending the Land of Steel from the forces of darkness at its borders. Gathered together from across the baronies and the Free Cities, many of these stalwart defenders now do battle under the order of the Warden of the Citadel and unified for a greater purpose.

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion comes with eight miniatures that players can customize with the colors of their own personal military, or in the uniform of one of Terrinoth’s elite crossbowmen units. The uniform and equipment that distinguish each unit reflects the area that the warriors hail from and acts as a mark of pride for them to wear into battle. For example, the Greystone Arbalists of the Barony of Rhynn forge their armor from the resources of their home, while the Guardians of the silver mines plate their shields with the precious metal that reflects the sun’s blinding rays.”

View the full preview for Runewars from Fantasy Flight Games here!

Written by: Devetos

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