Who Should We Eat Announced

“Avoid Becoming a Tasty Treat and Escape an Uncharted Island in WizKids’ Upcoming Release, Who Should We Eat? – Coming Soon!

WizKids is excited to announce the upcoming release, Who Should We Eat?, designed by Mike Harrison-Wood and Chris MacLennan. Who Should We Eat? is a lighthearted social game about a group of plane crash survivors trying to get off an island, and the only way off is to build a raft. Players use cards to gather resources for the group – adding food, sanity, and wood for the raft. Unfortunately, food is scarce and people are, well… edible. Bon appetite!

In Who Should We Eat?, A mysterious accident causes your plane to crash onto an uncharted island… then everyone resorts to cannibalism faster than you can say, “if no one is going to eat the other forearm, I’ll take it!”

Anyone feeling hungry yet?

As many as 4 – 10 players will fight for their life – or seek to sabotage the living in their afterlife. Trials will be held to choose a survivor to sacrifice his or her life – or sometimes a knife fight will determine the person who’s to be eaten. For the survivors, this means a loss of sanity, but it also means their raft need not be as large! Not a bad trade off, eh?”

View the full announcement from Wizkids here!

Written by: Devetos

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