X-Wing Wave XII Preview

“Each of the new X-Wing™ ships from Wave XII offers its faction something new.

In our last preview, we saw how the Alpha-class Star Wing provides the Galactic Empire a novel take on both the SLAM action and the fighter’s new reload action. Although taking either of these actions saddles a ship with a weapons disabled token, the Star Wing comes with a number of upgrades and pilot abilities that don’t just offer its pilots ways to perform attacks while encumbered with weapons disabled tokens, but provide substantial benefit from these tokens. And as a result, the Star Wing successfully incorporates the SLAM and reload actions into the core of its design.

Meanwhile, the Phantom II Expansion Pack introduces the coordinate action to the Rebel faction, but we’ll read more about this in a future preview.

For now, we turn our attention to the Scum faction’s M12-L Kimogila fighter—the heavy, straight-forward fighter that introduces the bullseye firing arc to X-Wing.”

View the full announcement from Fantasy Flight Games here!

Written by: Devetos

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